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The Nicki Leach Collection

Nicki was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at the age of seventeen. A student at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, and The University of North Florida in Jacksonville Florida, she had an amazing love for photography. Nicki battled her disease for three years but she was never alone. Her camera was her constant companion and her photographs are a reflection of her love for the outdoors, nature and her love for this earth.

We have selected three of her photographs that she took in 2004 and then reproduced these special photographs as greeting cards. It's our way to honor Nicki's wish to help other teenagers and young adults living with cancer. Nicki was nineteen when she died on April 29, 2005. All of the pictures Nicki took during her three year illness. We hope that the joy she lived on this earth will make you smile! Nicki never stopped smiling!

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