Being diagnosed with cancer on September 2, 2008, changed my life for eternity and surprisingly in a positive and negative way. Even though my body was not in an ideal state, it was not 100%, it was changing monthly if not daily, and I managed to continue thinking positive thoughts about my situation. Having to fight cancer and all of its effects, allowed me to understand the importance of relationships and build a lasting bond with my family, friends, doctors and nurses. The relationships I formed have opened doors of opportunity.

My cancer diagnosis came during the start of my junior year of high school. Unlike most juniors in high school that had the opportunity to attend classis, my junior year was full of sickness, hospital visits, chemo drugs, shots every day, pills, wheel chairs, creams, and one extensive surgery. I returned in my senior year ready to graduate with honors and experience every event made available by Fleming Island High School. Not to mention I had to prepare for attending the University of Central Florida.

Because I had to undergo treatment, I was unable to see my friends. One of my friends invited me to Vegas to stay with her and that would be my ultimate graduation trip. Having all the hospital and clinics visits along with numerous scans and tests strained my parents financially and they cannot afford to grant me the trip. Staying with her family allows me to save on hotel expenses but the other needs are still necessary. I would like to do some fun activities such as skating, watching live plays on the strip and doing a little bit of shopping.

Receiving Nicki’s gift would allow me to experience the year I missed with my best friend all inside of a month.

Thank you, in advance,