Living with cancer is like living in a war zone only you can’t see the enemy. Every day I wake up not knowing what the day holds for me. I could have an easy day hanging out at base or I could get ambushed out on the field. On the good days I have plenty of energy, no headaches or pain, and I have the ability to walk. The bad days are usually the opposite with unknown problems always popping up. I have had cancer a little over four months now, but it feels like years. I have had several issues that are just side effects. So far I have had a pulmonary embolism, spike in blood sugar over 600, now diabetic. Spinal fluid infection, joint swelling, elevated liver and so on.

It has been quite an experience living with cancer. Every day the thought crosses my mind that I might not make it. My condition is not one that everyone lives through. It’s hard sometimes to deal with it. The trick is to live everyday like you’re fine and there’s nothing wrong, despite all the side effects, joint pain, and other symptoms. Let your mind drift elsewhere and always keep a smile on your face. I have a very loving family and great friends who help me with that every day. I have my faith in God and that faith helps me through each day. 

Bunny Leach knows about this type of cancer and The Nicki Leach Foundation has brought endless hours of joy to young adults with cancer all over. Whatever the gift may be the present helps get their mind off the fact that they have cancer. It’s bringing them joy and it’s my belief that joy is what kills cancer. I would like to give a big thank you to Bunny for the event that she held for me and for the donation, and I would like to wish her good luck on her future endeavors. 

4th Quarter Tie Game…”Let’s do this”
Jamie Chapin