My name is Stephanie. I am a senior at Foothill Technology High School. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the sixth grade that left me legally blind. Two years later, that tumor came back, and he brought friends. I had five in my brain and seven in my spine. I was diagnosed with cancer and was treated with chemotherapy for three years. Cancer has changed my life in both positive and a few negative ways. I have become a spokesperson for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in many ways. I spoke at the Bogart Foundation here in California . I have spoken at Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society. Although my sight is limited, I have lost no vision.

I am excited for my future and look forward to a career in Social Psychology. Next year I will be a college freshman and the scholarship from Nicki would help me very much. My family has many medical bills to pay, and any scholarship amount takes off just a little more stress that is unneeded and very unwanted. I have taken every challenge I have been given in life and turned it into an experience. Nothing can stop me, and I will always live my life to the fullest. This year, my senior year I was nominated for prom queen and won prom princess. I am so excited to live my life, being given a second chance. Cancer has taught me to appreciate every day I am given. I would greatly appreciate the scholarship and I know Nicki would be proud of my work in Psychology.

Thank you so much!